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Install Kibana in Ubuntu 20.04

Kibana is an open source data visualization dashboard for data stored in Elasticsearch. It visualizes the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster using bar, line and scatter plots, or pie charts and maps on top of large volumes of data. Here is how you can install kibana.

Install Elasticsearch if not done earlier,

Install Elasticsearch in Ubuntu 20.04

Download and install the public signing key:

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

Download and install the debian package

shasum -a 512 kibana-7.9.0-amd64.deb 
sudo dpkg -i kibana-7.9.0-amd64.deb

Run Kibana with systemd:

To configure Kibana to start automatically when the system boots up, run the following commands:

sudo /bin/systemctl daemon-reload
sudo /bin/systemctl enable kibana.service

Kibana can be started and stopped as follows:

sudo systemctl start kibana.service
sudo systemctl stop kibana.service

Check-in the browser,


That’s it, simple isn’t it?

By Satyanarayan Bhanja

Machine learning engineer

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